MTV Music Awards 2021 in New York ceremony Pre-Show

What Were the Best Highlights of the MTV Music Awards 2021?

The coveted MTV Music Awards 2021 always creates quite a stir and last year’s awards were no different – in fact, there was more excitement than in a long while because the COVID-19 pandemic has stopped so many people from enjoying live performances or parties for such a long time.  So, it was a relief to be able to go out and have a great night!  And it was indeed a great night.

Where Were the MTV Music Awards Held?

Madonna with police cap and beriberi rain coat having her performance

The awards show was held on September 12th, 2021, in New York as always, at the Barclays Center.  Music buffs and those that can’t get enough of modern, popular music were thrilled to be there.  There were performances from some of the biggest and best-known musicians in the world – and the red carpet was full of beauty and glamor (not to mention some outlandish outfits too).  As is usual, there were some special guest appearances – such as Madonna who beamed herself onto the big screen and then later, actually turned up at the MTV Music Awards 2021 much to the delight of the audience.

Madonna Was at the MTV Music Awards 2021!

Madonna with police cap and beriberi rain coat having her performance

Additionally, these MTV Music Awards 2021 were extra-special because it’s 40 years since they first aired.  Madonna helped to celebrate and paid homage to the history of MTV and the awards.

Another exciting guest was 1980s pop icon Cyndi Lauper who was given the honor of presenting the Best Pop Award (this went to trio Justin Bieber together with Daniel Caesar and Giveon for their group effort on the song “Peaches.”  Cyndi Lauper used the MTV Music Awards 2021 as an opportunity to talk about equality for women in the USA.

Cyndi Lauper standing on the red carpet for VMA MTV wearing black coat and skirt

More recent newcomer, although no stranger to music awards, Billie Eilish won a coveted MTV Music Awards 2021 for her video for Your Power (Best Fan-Voted Video).  She also thanked the audience and her fans, using the opportunity to talk about protecting young women.

What About the Outfits?

The MTV Music Awards 2021 wouldn’t be the same without the clothes would it and while it’s not a fashion show, it certainly often feels like it!  Billy Porter donned a bright silver suit and wore it with a pair of huge platforms, also in silver to complement his suit.  Lil Nas X wore a jacket which had the mysterious number 433816 right on the front in shocking red – apparently the jacket and the number were a tribute for the amount of people who live with the HIV virus in the south of the country.

Billy porter standing on the red carpet with his high heels and silver outfit.

He performed Industry Baby together with Jack Harlow and was cheered on by the audience for the outstanding performance.

COVID-19 aside, the MTV Music Awards 2021 were exceptional – and it was good to see a full house once again.  You can see a full list of the winners and the nominations (along with some other news) on the official weblink, by clicking on this:


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